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One of the toughest things to do is getting the perfect gift for that special someone. With Life Chronicles videos you can give a gift they'll be sure to love. A production spanning their life time from begining to present day. Photos and videos choreographed to their favorited music (from the 60's to present day). Take a ride with them down memory lane.

We all have photos, old home movies and videos stashed away of our kids, our family and our friends. Imagine being able to share those special moments, birthdays, graduations, sports, weddings and vacations with anyone, anytime, anywhere, or just sit back and enjoy them yourself with ease. Remember when your parents had to get out the old 8mm projector for a walk down memory lane. And now you have to hunt for a VHS player just to watch your families special moments. Imagine if all those pictures and all that footage were edited together for an entertaining video complete with the original soundtrack and era specific background music.
From the 60's-The Four Tops, The Righteous Brothers,
The 70's- John Denver, Elton John
The 80's- REO Speedwagon, Phil Collins
The 90's- Michael Jackson, Sheryl Crow
The 2000's- Kelly Clarkson, Green Day
Today- Coldplay, Rihanna.
Life Chronicles- Family


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Life Chronicle Family video sample.

With your help we can produce an awesome video they'll want to share with family, facebook friends or anyone, anywhere, anytime from a computer or their smartphone.

It's digital and it's now...